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Education Goals

We strive to help others understand the watershed and its issues through our educational program. Take a look below at a few examples of how WRTBWA shares its knowledge with people of all ages. We have created a curriculum developed for multiple age groups with retired teachers who are former or current board members. If you are interested in getting taking part in one of our educational programs or have any questions please contact us. We would love to work with you!

Teachers, if you would like your students of any age to participate in an educational event or field trip with our group, please contact us to discuss your needs and how your curriculum relates to some of our activities. Then we will try to organize an event that your students will find educational, memorable, and fun.

Education Tools

We have created printable/downloadable documents containing useful information on topics such as : tree planting, protecting our environment and water conservation. The purpose of this format is to provide easily digested material that can be accessed by those who may not always have internet access but may require the information regardless. 

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