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Past Projects

Sometimes the activities that we complete each year are part of ongoing projects, and other times the projects are distinct and time limited. These are some of our projects that have been completed.

Water Use Makeover Program



The Brackley Branch of the Winter River at a low flow on the left (July-November 2015) and a normal flow on the right (December-June 2015)

This project was launched by the Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed Association in an effort to provide the education and materials necessary for participants to make a lasting reduction in their water use, and thus reduction in water extracted from the Winter River watershed. This project also had a research component, to see what types of water use appliances were in use, and the level of household water savings that would be realistic in our community. With more groundwater remaining for ecosystem health, all living things in the watershed benefit from these efforts

Door-to-Door Campaign


For two summers the Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed Association went door-to-door visiting watershed residents, letting them share their ideas, concerns, and questions and giving them the opportunity to learn more about water issues that impact residents.

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