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Tree Planting

Why Plant Trees?

Since the Colonization of Prince Edward Island, 99% of our Acadian-Wabanaki forest had been destroyed for logging and the creation of agricultural space.

The Acadian-Wabanaki forest provides critical habitat for many species native to the Island and rebuilding the forest is an important step towards restoring PEI's damaged ecosystem.

Not only do trees provide essential habitat to PEI's wildlife, but they aid in reducing the  ever-present problem of erosion on the island. Tree roots stabilise banks and increase the penetration of water into the ground, a key process in creating our drinking water. While the trees we plant will not provide crucial services to our environment immediately, over the years they may keep our island habitable for years to come.

Why is Proper Tree Planting So Important?

While planting trees is not difficult, there are important steps to follow in order to ensure that they survive and thrive in their environment. Following proper planting practices will increase the likelihood that what you plant will survive and provide its intended services. Certain tree species require shade to grow, some have no tolerance for salinity so they will not be useful in stabilising banks near marine environments. Some may require drier conditions while others can tolerate standing water for prolonged periods. Understanding what each tree requires means that you can achieve your goals and maximize the beneficial results you hope to gain.

Additionally, there are critical steps throughout the planting process which set up your trees for success. If someone were to pluck your from your home and place you half-way across the world with no preparation, it may be difficult for you to adapt. The same can be said for trees, the steps before and during planting are essential for allowing your planted trees to both survive and thrive in their new home.

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