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What We Do

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we protect and enhance the health and aesthetic qualities of the Winter River – Tracadie Bay watershed. Tree planting, stream clearing and wildlife surveys are some examples of this.

Building A Community

We work hard to build a community around our watershed. We have hosted public tree planting events, snowshoeing and work with local farmers to strengthen our communities ties to the watershed they live in.


We strive to help others understand the watershed and its issues through our educational program. We host events intended to educate people on our watershed.

Latest Updates

What is a Watershed?

A watershed is defined as an area of land where all the surface water drains into the same place, whether it’s a creek, a stream, a river or an ocean. Therefore, all precipitation, such as rain or snow, that falls on a watershed ends up flowing to the same place.

Watershed boundaries are based on topographical or physical boundaries rather than community or political boundaries.

Watersheds include not only watercourses, but the entire land base draining into the watercourse.  Watersheds are separated by points of land (hills or slopes) at higher elevations than the surrounding lands. From these high points, water drains in different directions into distinct watersheds.

Watersheds can be very large, such as the Atlantic Ocean watershed, or can be divided into smaller and smaller sub-watersheds based on rivers and small streams. All the streams flowing into small rivers, larger rivers, and eventually into the ocean, form an interconnecting network of waterways.

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Watershed Management Plan

Beaver Management Plan

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